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Politicians fuel North violence, restructuring campaigners selfish – Anglican primate

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Friday Olokor, Abuja

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Rev.  Henry Ndukuba, on Wednesday blamed politicians for allegedly instigating communal clashes in the North.

He also called for true federalism in Nigeria, saying he was not supporting politicised restructuring “because even the politicians who are advocating  restructuring have their own agenda.”

Ndukuba, who stated these in an interview with some  journalists in Abuja, blamed the ruling class in Nigeria for the problems in the country.

Blaming politicians for the problems in the country, including violence, he said,  “The entire country is being overwhelmed with insecurity to the point of demonstrations in some part of the country. Am I talking about the sufferings of the Middle-Belt? They instigated communal problems. The Tiv and  the Jukun are fighting and it is right now spreading to other tribes that are basically Christians.”

The cleric also backed the agitation for true federalism, saying politicised restructuring was laced with personal agenda.

He said, “The situation in which our federalism becomes a federalism in which we come to the centre and grab the reins of power and we grab the reigns of resources of the nation is faulty. We need to rethink how we need to exist as a nation and how we need to use the resources we have to the advantage and good of all.”

Asked if he was advocating restructuring, Ndukuba opposed what he called politicised restructuring “because even the politicians who are advocating restructuring have their own agenda, I am advocating true federalism.”

According to him, youths that have been demonstrating are expressing their opinions in order for society  to respond to their agitations.

He said, “We have problems, but one thing is that we are so insincere. Our political leadership have not really come out to deal with the issues. Nigerian problems are mostly caused by the ruling class. If the ruling class will get it right, Nigeria will not have problem. We have foundational problems. Our concept of leadership is faulty.”

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